Auction Notice

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Sherry Kennedy, 1440 State Route 133, Bethel, OH 45106.

Unit #300,  2 Baby Mats, toddler bed, dressers, bedding set, stands, Children’s clothing, children’s toys, lamps, & pictures.


Marvin Coleman, 2829 Lawndale Ave. #D, Cincinnati, OH 45212.

Unit #1160, Holiday Decorations, Boxes, Rocking Chair, canvas,  wooden furnishings, wooden fixtures, decorative pictures, & decorative wall hangings.


Paul Keith, 11610 Willoiwcrest Ct., Cincinnati, OH 45251

Unit # 965, Mattress/box spring, boxes, A/C unit, microwave, bags, chair, ladder, tables, clothes, suitcases, & bed rails.


Buddy McNeal, 745 Clark St, Cincinnati, OH 45203

Unit #457, Boxes, VHS tapes, shower chair, 4 plastic chairs, 2 mirrors, 2 chests, TV stand, rug, vacuum, 2 end tables, empty boxes, & metal bed frame.


Marvin Gentry, 1201 Chicago, Cincinnati, OH 45215

Beauty Salon and Shop Equipment, Tables Chairs, shelving, filing, & miscellaneous boxes.


Toby Keith Bar & Grill c/o Christina Almending, 6263 N. Scottsdale Rd.#145, Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Large quantity of chairs and chair parts (“TK” logo), commercial metal kitchen racks, “Toby Keith” wall decorations, boxes of floor tiles, metal kitchen pans, large black rubber floor mats, table tops, framed pictures, & wall insulation material.


Ashley Paver, MGR Cornerstone Vending, 1117 Broadway St 3rd Fl, Cincinnati, OH45202

Variety of Food / Beverage vending machines (Approximately 30 machines)


You are hereby notified that your personal property (bags, boxes, furnishings, appliances, equipment, tools, etc.) now stored at 1st Security Self Storage, 2335 Gilbert Ave, Cincinnati, Oh 45206 may be obtained by you for the payment of the balance due plus all other expenses within 15 days of the first appearance of this notice or it will be sold by auction at 10am on Tuesday, December 13, 2016 at 2335 Gilbert Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45206.

The above notice was posted for public view on 11/22/16